culture is a way people from a given society tend to carry out there activities.This includes the norms they follow and rules so.Its important to note that their is no culture that is more powerful than the other.
(A) Culture is learnt:No one is born with culture,its learnt from the sorroundings for example a baby learns culture from his/her parents by observing how they they show concerns to a particular state and adopts to it.
(B)Culture is dynamic.This means that culture can change by being assimilated into the other.Also individuals can see their culture imperfect and give in to the other one.

Congratulations Kenyan government

Kenya is among the countries that are emerging to be the best among the World due to its unshakeable economy.

This has been able due to the country’s strong able leaders.The Kenyan Government is playing a very big role to it’s citizens.

It has started amazing projects that majorly are to benefit it’s people.It has started projects like the Standard Gauge railway commonly known as the (SGR).This project was started to ease transportation of commodities and passenger too in the┬áto be marked that the construction has finished it’s first accession,the second part of construction is on progress.

The Kenyan government is fighting corruption into its deep roots.This is seen by the Jubilee’s government establishing bords that are to investigate the corrupt acts emerging in the county.

The Kenyan government too is taking part in conservation of the environment.This is seen from various activities that are being carried in the country in ensuring that rivers,forests and wild animals are protected.

It’s also enhancing learning standards in the country.This is seen by various donations to schools in enabling construction of infrastructure and buying of stationaries.

It’s also enhancing good health to the citizens by building hospitals.By the recent bringing of specialist doctors from Cuba ,it’s an evidence that it’s well mindful of the health of the people.

All this has happened due to strong government composed of President Honorable Ouru Kenyatta,Deputy President Honourable William Ruto and Honourable Raila Odinga.

God bless Kenya and countries wild wide.

Importance of sleep.

Sleeping is the most important part of man.Oflate many individuals just ignore this activity, instead they have converted sleeping times to business hours without knowing the reputations.The following are merits of good sleep.

1.Sleeping enhances the mind of an individual to refresh and relax for carrying the other days activities.This makes the individual to be sobber and carries his or her tasks with no over thinking.

2.Sleeping also enhances the heart to rehabilitate it self,also when somebody is sleeping the body vessels are repaired to enhance the transportation of blood


Poverty is a temporary situation where by an individual lacks wealth to run her daily basic and somehow domestic needs too.It must be noted that poverty is a temporary issue that can come to an end if the individual will arise and make up efforts to ruin it.

The following must be done to ruin this factor “poverty ”

A. Start doing something small that you are sure you can finish it with benefits

*This means that someone must start with even low capital needing business.For instance you start with even a selling matchboxs: The possibilities of making profits are high and if you will start saving those little cash then be assured of ending up your story of poverty

*Those who pretend to be poor and they have farms to cultivate , they are too not serious. Yes, there is possibilities of them saying that they don’t have the tools needed for that process of cultivation.Let this not to be an excuse of them leaving the rich land to go in ruins they can borrow the tools from the neighborhood and start their cultivation plan. By this all the poverty creature in minds of the people who call themselves poor will be eradicated.

Maintainance of resources

Resources should be taken care of.Mostly natural resources such as rivers,lakes and forests too.

1 Rivers,lakes and ocean are the major point of view.Without this natural facilities we are sure that we may not have aquatic living organisms.This will result to end of some enjoyable and healthy food stuffs such as fish hence resulting to poor health.Its necessary to maintain our sources of water and in deserted places it’s necessary to build dams for water collection to support the lives of living organisms there.

2 Forests

The second most important thing is taking concern of our forests.Forests acts a big role in the water formation process .For instance they act as water catchment places. Forest also acts as stores of wild animals that helps in fetching foreign revenue.